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PW02 Sheep in Sweaters Pattern Weights Bx9

Pattern Weights Set of 6

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This beautifully presented designer gift contains 6 pattern weights displayed in a handy storage metal container. Designs to choose from include Sheep in Sweaters and Stitched Birdies. Use the storage container to keep each pattern weight safe when not in use. 

These luxurious pattern weights are an essential tool no knitter, crochet enthusiast and yarn crafter should be without! As the name suggests they are a weight for weighing down your knitted and crochet pieces when blocking on a flat surface or indeed instead of using pins when sewing up knitted and crochet pieces by flat seaming or a ladder stitch, again on a flat surface. Strategically keep moving the pattern weights as you progress through the stitch work. They will also help to prevent any snags and spilt stitches which may be caused by using a pin which is too thick for the yarn. 

They are also designed for the dressmaker, patch-worker and fabric fanatic to use to weigh down pattern pieces whilst tracing or cutting out a pattern. Instead of using pins to pin the paper to the fabric, you place the weights on top of the pattern paper, thus keeping the pattern paper flat and then cut or trace around the edge of the pattern. 

They are really useful to use on delicate fabrics instead of pins or indeed to stop lightweight fabrics from slipping off your cutting table. They also preserve your pattern pieces for longer.

When creating a piece of patchwork, use these pattern paper weights to hold down the completed templates during the laying out of the final pieces and before piecing them together. 

Each pattern weight has a smooth finish and measures 40mm diameter and weighs 45grammes.

They are made from solid metal.

2 Designs to choose from: Sheep in Sweaters and Stitched Birdies

Designed by Emma Ball

Made in the UK