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Schmetz Quilting Sewing Machine Needles

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Schmetz sewing machine needles are the finest quality machine needles worldwide and fit domestic household sewing machines.

The Schmetz Quilting sewing machine needle is the perfect quilting accessory. This needle features a thin taper which easily passes through layers of fabric. It protects the fabrics from damage and helps to keep the stitching even and helps eliminate skipped stitches. When piecing or patchwork use needle size 75 with 50 weight thread. Size 90 is a larger needle and therefore use a heavier weight thread. Size 90 is also used in machine quilting.

System 130/705 H-Q    Colour Code: Green

Sizes: 75 (11) and 90 (14) each contain 5 needles in a cassette 

Mixed Size: 75/90 (11/14) contains 5 needles in a cassette