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John James Tapestry / Knitters Sewing Up Needles

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John James Tapestry needles are not only used in Tapestry and Cross Stitch applications they are also used for sewing up knitting and crochet pieces. Although this pack of needles is not labelled as a Knitters needle these needles are brilliant to use and fit for the purpose of sewing up knitting and crochet pieces and may even be used for weaving.

These needles have a round blunt point which helps prevent the yarn from splitting especially when inserting the needle through your completed work. They also have a large eye making them an ideal needle to use with all thicknesses of knitting and crochet yarns and cottons.

Size 13 is an extra large needle and it is great to use with extra chunky fashion yarns and multi fibre yarns.

Size 14 is slightly smaller than the size 13 however, this needle may still be used with chunky yarns.

Size 16 is better adapted to be used with less chunky yarns, such as aran weight and double knitting yarns and even certain medium weight fashion yarns.

Size 18 is better adapted to be used with sock yarn, 4ply, 3ply and fine baby yarns.

Sizes: 13 and 14 contain 2 needles per pack

Size: 16 contains 5 needles per pack

Size: 18 contains 6 needles per pack

Size 13 69mm length x 2.34mm diameter
Size 14 58mm length x 2.03mm diameter
Size 16 52.5mm length x 1.63mm diameter
Size 18 48.5mm length x 1.27mm diameter