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Hinged Tin Woolly Puffins KN03 Colour Chart Woolly Puffins 1 KN03 Colour Chart Woolly Puffins 2 KN05 Stitch Markers Woolly Puffins 1 JJP698387 AAC486529Pin3 Bulb-Safety-Pins9

6 Piece Knitting & Crochet Accessory Kit


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This fabulous accessory kit is designed for the knitting and crochet enthusiast and contains 6 different items.

This kit features a combination of items designed from the Emma Ball collection and features those whimsical characters of Woolly Puffins and includes  1 x hinged storage tin, set of 3 stitch markers, pack of 5 yarn colour chart organisers, John James Knitters Pebble, bulb safety pins and extra long coloured headed pins.

Hinged storage tin measures: 92mm wide x 26mm high x 72mm deep

Set of 3 Stitch Markers: each marker measures 2cm and is a solid circle and will fit up to a size 7.5mm knitting needle. Used as a reminder or pattern counter and great when creating a Fairisle pattern.

Pack of 5 yarn colour chart organisers: 10cm x 21cm. Ideal for knitters and crochets when working with multiple yarns and textures.

John James Knitters Pebble: contains 3 large sewing up needles with large eyes in an oval container to keep your needles tidy.

Bulb safety pins: box contains approximately 50 pieces. This is a great pin for separating stitches in knitting and crochet projects. It has a sharp point and measures 23mm.

Extra long coloured headed pins: box contains 100 pins. Pin measures 48mm long x 0.65mm diameter and the ball head is 4.00mm diameter.