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Schmetz Super Universal Sewing Machine Needles

Code: 705SUB5CX70

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Schmetz manufacture quality machine needles and are known worldwide for innovation. The latest addition to the Schmetz range is the Super Universal sewing machine needle, an excellent product for all machine enthusiasts.

Why is it a Super Universal needle?

This Super Universal needle is designed with an antiadhesive coating and a very slick surface. Which means the smooth non-stick coating ensures reduced adhesive residues on the needle which ultimately is kinder to your sewing machine and helps prevent the machine from being clogged up with chemicals and fibres which may ultimately cause the machine to stop working.

It is designed to be used with any self-adhesive stabilizer or spray adhesive or any material that has an adhesive or slightly sticky coating. It is also great to use on hook and loop fasteners or indeed any challenging materials.

This needle has a special large eye which helps prevent thread breakage and along with the scarf shape of the needle it helps in preventing skipped stitches. The needle is completely covered in a copper colour and therefore easily identifiable from the ordinary regular Schmetz Universal needle.

System: 130 / 705 H-SU

Sizes: 70 (10), 80 (12), 90 (14) and 100 (16) each contain 5 needles in a cassette