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John James Short / Cotton Darning Sewing Needles

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John James Short Darners are also known as Cotton Darners. This needle is very rarely used for darning and mending. It is great for general purpose sewing because it has a sharp point. Darners have a long eye making the needle easier to thread.

This range is also longer than the average hand sewing needle and is easier to hold especially if you suffer from arthritis or have limited hand dexterity.

If you like a long fine sewing needle which is easy to thread select size 7 and size 9. 

Sizes: 5, 7 and 9 contain 12 needles per pack 

Mixed Size 1/5 contains 10 needles

Mixed Size 3/9 contains 12 needles

Size 1   57.5mm length x 1.02mm diameter
Size 3   54mm length x 0.86mm diameter
Size 5   51mm length x 0.76mm diameter
Size 7   48mm length x 0.69mm diameter
Size 9   45mm length x 0.61mm diameter