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John James Regular Point Sewing Machine Needles

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John James Regular Point sewing machine needles are designed to fit most domestic household sewing machines. The shank or top of the needle has a flat back and a round front and fits tight into the needle holder placing it in a perfect position for stitching. This needle range is designed for general sewing on most materials. The choice of needle size is dependant upon the material being used. The higher the number the larger the needle and therefore size 9 (size 70 USA) is the finest needle and size 16 (size 100 USA) is the largest needle within this John James range.

System: 130/705 H

Sizes: 9 (70), 11(80), 14(90) and 16(100) contain 5 needles per pack

Mixed Sizes: 9/14 (70/90) and 11/16 (80/100) contain 5 needles per pack