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Big Eye Flexible Beading Needles


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If you struggle to thread the eye of a beading needle then these are the needles for you.

These flexible beading needles have a big eye and they are designed for use in jewellery making, bead weaving and stringing beads, sequins and pearls. This needle range is manufactured in a completely different way to the standard conventional beading needle and they also look different.

This flexible beading needle takes the form of 2 pieces of very fine wire, moulded together at both ends which creates the point, and it is the gap between the two pieces of wire which form the eye. Simply slip your sewing thread, knitting yarn or crochet thread through the eye and your good to go to start threading with beads etc.  The wire is very fine and flexible which allows the eye to collapse back into shape when pulled through each bead.

This big eye flexible beading needle is the ideal tool for threading beads, pearls and sequins onto knitting yarn and crochet thread for knitting and crochet projects. It is not recommended for free style bead embroidery.

We offer 2 multi size length assortments, each contain a total of 3 needles and come in a handy clear storage tube with lid.

AST1 contains 1 needle of each of the following lengths: 75mm, 100mm and 125mm.

AST2 contains 2 needles of 76mm length and 1 needle of 58mm length.