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John James Crafter's Collection Children's Sewing Needles Set

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John James Crafter's Collection Children's sewing needle compendium is a combination of needles covering all stages of learning. From the initial use of a large eye, round blunt point plastic needle to a nickel plated round blunt point tapestry needle and finally to a short, sharp Primary easy to to thread round eye general purpose sewing needle. The needles are displayed in 2 delightful small blue envelopes and placed inside the resealable keepsake Crafter's Collection wallet.

Contains 9 needles

Plastic x 1 needle / Tapestry size 18 x 5 needles / Primary size 1 x 3 needles

Plastic: 74mm length x approx 2.10mm diameter

Tapestry size 18: 48.5mm length x 1.27mm diameter

Primary size 1: 33mm length x 1.16mm diameter