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Long Sashiko Quilting Sewing Needles

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Sashiko needlework originated in Japan in the 1600's and was used as a form of darning and repair work. Sashiko is the art of stitching geometric patterns using long running stitches and with shorter stitches on the reverse of your work.

This Sashiko needle collection is classed as "Long" because the needles are longer than our "Standard" Sashiko needle collection. Long Sashiko needles are used when creating long lines of multiple stitches. The length of the needle is especially adapt for loading the needle with multiple stitches. These needles have a larger eye than a standard sewing needle. 

This collection comes in a handy clear tube keeping your needles tidy and separate from your needle stash. 

The Standard Sashiko sewing needles are mainly used when stitching around curves or if a fine fabric is used.

Most Sashiko patterns require both sets of needles, long and standard.

Contains 6 needles:

Size 70mm length x 0.86mm diameter x 3 needles

        58mm length x 1.02mm diameter x 3 needles