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John James Gold Plated Tapestry / Cross Stitch Sewing Needles

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John James Gold Plated Tapestry or Cross Stitch needles are superior to the standard nickel plated Tapestry or Cross Stitch needle. The gold plating allows the needle to slide and glide effortlessly through the fabric. This needle is a useful tool for people who suffer from a nickel allergy. However extreme care must be taken to ensure the needle is changed regularly to prevent the gold plating from exposing the nickel plating underneath.

Sizes: 20, 22, 24, 26 and 28 contain 3 needles per pack

Size 20   44mm length x 1.09mm diameter
Size 22   40.5mm length x 0.94mm diameter
Size 24   37mm length x 0.76mm diameter
Size 26   34mm length x 0.61mm diameter
Size 28   32.5mm length x 0.53mm diameter