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John James Crafter's Collection X Stitch & Bead Embroidery Set

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John James Crafter's Collection Cross Stitch and Bead Embroidery needles set is a unique combination. This pack includes the most popular cross stitch needle, size 24. The Bead Embroidery needle is designed to be used when embellishing or adding medium sized beads on top of completed stitching. The blunt round point prevents the completed stitches from pilling, snagging or breaking when the needle is inserted into the stitching. 

The needles are displayed in 2 delightful small blue envelopes and placed inside the resealable keepsake Crafter's Collection wallet.

Contains 14 needles: Cross Stitch size 24 x 5 needles / Bead Embroidery size 5 x 4 needles / Bead Embroidery size 7 x 5 needles

Cross Stitch size 24: 37mm length x 0.76mm diameter

Bead Embroidery size 5: 41.5mm length x 0.76mm diameter

Bead Embroidery size 7: 38.5mm length x 0.69mm diameter