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John James Crafter's Collection Quilting / Patchwork Set

Code: JJCC008

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John James Crafter's Collection Quilting and Patchwork set is a unique combination of hand quilting needles and is an introduction to quilting for the beginner. This set includes the 2 larger sized quilting needles to assist with the art of creating quilting stitches using the rocking movement of backwards and forwards with the needle. The finer quilting needle size 9 may be used in Patchwork or English Paper Piecing. The needles are displayed in 2 delightful small blue envelopes and placed inside the resealable keepsake Crafter's Collection wallet.

Contains 20 needles: Quilting size 3 x 5 needles / Quilting size 5 x 6 needles / Quilting size 7 x 9 needles

Quilting size 3: 39mm length x 0.86mm diameter

Quilting size 5: 35mm length x 0.76mm diameter

Quilting size 7: 31.5mm length x 0.69mm diameter