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Karen ParryHello my name is Karen Parry and welcome to my website needles2pins.co.uk. Here you will find the full range of John James hand sewing and machine needles, Schmetz machine needles, quality pins and accessories. 

What are Needle and Pin Knowhow Talks?  Here is a brief taster:

I am passionate about crafts, textiles and stitching and I have been given the nick-name amongst my friends of “Needle Queen” which on reflection is most appropriate, a bold confession I know. I am a “needle and pin nerd” or do I mean needle and pin enthusiast! 

I love to share my passion and years of experience for all things needles and pins and to motivate and inspire fellow stitching enthusiasts. I am a public speaker and I provide educational Needle and Pin Knowhow Talks to fellow crafters and stitchers or to anybody who wants to listen!

In the talks we learn how to identify the different types of needles and pins and the benefits of using the correct needle and the correct pin in each application. We also learn about the sizing structure and of course tips and techniques along the way and much more!

My career and my family background are in crafts and haberdashery, specialising in needles and pins. You may have attended one of my previous talks when I worked at Entaco Ltd and represented John James Needles. Here are a few comments:


  • Alison from East Surrey Embroiderers Guild “Thank you for a lovely talk this evening. It was amazing. I had no idea needles could be so varied”
  • Linda from Ledbury Quilters “You conveyed a lot of helpful facts in an amusing way. I am sure you could tell how well it was received and the shopping frenzy afterwards”


Are you a member of a Crafts and Textile Group or the Embroiderers Guild or the Quilters Guild or the WI?   

Interested in having a talk? You can contact me via: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 07541 356718.

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 What do we all have in common?   We use needles and pins!