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Standing Owl - Needle and Pin Holder

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This standing owl needle and pin holder made by skilled craftsmen in the UK is an exquisite piece of pewter. It is a workable tool and a sewing accessory and can be used to house your needles and pins during sewing. It is a great collectors piece and would make an ideal gift for the sewing enthusiast.

This standing owl comes in two pieces, the head and the body. Place the head on top of the body when not in use.

To use as a workable needle and pin holder lift the head of the owl away from the owl's body. The inside of the owl is hollow and with a diameter of 15mm provides amble space to stand a variety of needles and pins inside regardless of the length or size of the needle or pin. Please note when the owl is complete the inner height is 27mm and therefore it is advisable to remove your needles and pins before replacing the head back on to the body.  

Comes in a "Wee" presentation box.

Pewter is the fourth most valuable metal in general use after Platinum, Gold and Silver.

Modern pewter is lead free and non toxic.

Dimensions: 24mm width x 25mm depth x 35mm height.

Manufactured in the UK by A.E.Williams established in 1779.