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I Love Sewing - Children's Sewing & Craft Accessory Kit


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This delightful children's sewing and craft accessory storage kit is designed for a child's first steps into sewing and crafting and includes 2 x "I Love Sewing" storage tins, a box of button headed pins, 4 pairs of professional creative craft scissors with each having a different pattern edge and 4 John James plastic round ended sewing needles.

The pin button head measures 11mm in diameter and it is flat and therefore making it easier to handle when inserting into the fabric. Please note this pin has a sharp point and adult supervision is recommended during the application.

I Love Sewing Tin large: 9cm length x 6.5cm width x 3cm deep

I Love Sewing Tin small: 5cm length x 3.5cm width x 2.5cm deep

Button Headed Pins: 45mm length x 0.60mm diameter x 50 pins

Professional Creative Craft Scissors feature a 5cm stainless steel cutting blade encased within a solid plastic outer and handle. The full length of the scissor from the top of the handle to the tip measures 13.5cm. Designs include: Big Wave, Zipper, Small Wave and Zig Zag. Designed to be used on paper and card. Colours may vary from the images shown.

John James Plastic Sewing Needles are designed for easy threading and have a large eye suitable to sew with yarns and soft cottons when sewing on to plastic canvas, rug canvas and Binca etc. The blunt round end provides protection during sewing. 

Please note this kit is not a toy and it is not suitable for children under 4 years old. Adult supervision is recommended during the application of the items included within this kit.