The Studley Quilters Competition

The Studley Quilters based in Warwickshire, are a group of ladies who, prior to Covid19, get together once a month and who enjoy quilting and all aspects of sewing. Their aim is not just friendship, they also learn sewing and quilting techniques from one another and put their practical sewing skills and creativity to good use in order to create unique supplies for numerous charity projects. This year, not only have they supplied the NHS with much sought after scrub bags and headbands, but they are also busy making incubator quilts for the Neonatal Unit at the City Hospital in Birmingham.

I have had the great pleasure over the last few years to visit the Studley Quilting group and I have presented to them on two separate occasions my Needle and Pin Educational Knowhow Talk. Not once but twice these ladies have listened to me rabbiting on about needles and pins and what they should do and more importantly what they shouldn’t do and when they should change their needles etc. I am sure you can imagine my surprise when they invited me to contribute an article to their June newsletter. I felt very humbled that this group of ladies wanted more of Needles 2 Pins and as a big thank you I included in my article a mini competition with the chance to win a £15 gift voucher to spend at Needles 2 Pins. Due to the current Covid19 restrictions the Studley Quilters are not holding their monthly meetings and with no idea as yet when these can restart here is the video of the competition draw revealing the lucky winner. Maybe you belong to a sewing and textile group, the Embroidery Guild, the Quilting Guild or a WI and you are interested in finding out more about my Needle and Pin Knowhow Talks. Therefore please visit or contact me directly This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..