The Eye of a Sewing Machine Needle

The eye of the sewing machine needle can differ depending upon the brand and indeed upon the application for which the needle is designed. It is worth noting that domestic sewing machine needles are identified by the 130 / 705H system, which is universally designed to fit all electric domestic home sewing machines. Therefore Schmetz sewing machine needles, the best quality and the Rolls Royce of machine needles, are interchangeable and should fit all brands of sewing machines.

130 / 705H needles feature a flat shank and round front. They also have a “scarf” which is an indentation just above the eye that allows the bobbin hook to smoothly grab the thread from under the throat plate in order to create a stitch. The “scarf” shape and size can vary depending upon the type of needle even though each needle type may have the same shape of eye. The shape of the eye should not be confused with the “scarf” of the needle.

Three Different Needle Eye Shapes

There are three different needle eye shapes within the Schmetz range across six different points. You may be forgiven for thinking that there are four needle eye shapes, especially if you count the Quick Threading needle, which has a small slot at the side of the eye allowing the thread to slide into it creating a quick and easy threading solution.

The needle eye shapes are: The Universal Eye, The Embroidery Eye and The Metallic Eye which is also known as The Topstitch Eye. Each needle eye has been designed to purposely accommodate the threads used within each individual application.

Needle Eye

The Universal Needle Eye: this is the standard needle eye most commonly found and used in regular stitching with standard regular threads.

The Embroidery Eye: this eye is extremely wide and slightly longer than the Universal Eye and is designed to take thicker threads and woollen threads. It can be found in the Schmetz Embroidery needle and the Schmetz Gold Titanium Embroidery needle ranges.

The Metallic Eye and Topstitch Eye: both eye shapes are identical, it’s the same eye. This eye is extremely long and measures 2mm in length regardless of the size of the needle. It is designed to take multiple threads, especially metallic threads, and even top stitching threads. It can be found in the Schmetz Metallic needle and the Schmetz Topstitch needle ranges.

If you struggle threading the eye of the standard machine needle then why not try the Schmetz Topstitch needle. You will find this much easier, quicker and less frustrating.