Silkysheen Embroidery Thread Available in the Year 1910

Who would have thought it? A “Perle” type thread available to purchase from your local haberdashery needlework store in the year 1910. This Silkysheen embroidery thread had a twisted appearance, very much like the appearance of the current “Perle” thread and was sold in a 50 yard ball and was available in a large range of colours.

Silky Sheen ThreadThis thread was designed to be used in the highest class of embroidery stitching, art needlework and crochet work. It always retained its unique silkiness and was unequalled for its brightness. Like the “Perle” thread this Silkysheen thread was available in two thicknesses, but was described as large and fine rather than the present thread, which is described by the gauge for example #3, #5, #8 or #12.

In 1910 retailers purchased this thread for 16 shillings and 11 pence, which today is worth £66.12 and it would have sold for the approximate equivalent of £1 at today’s prices.