Embroidery Stitches on Canvas

There are a wide variety of stitches which can be used in canvas embroidery and using a mixture of stitches within the same project can ultimately create an interesting piece of work. Most stitches are formed from combinations of straight, horizontal and diagonal stitches and when stitched in a variety of lengths they can create texture and depth. This piece of stitching has been created on a single thread canvas and using tapisserie wool which is moth resistant and colour fast. A size 26 and a size 28 round blunt point tapestry/cross stitch needle was used.

Flower Cart Embroidery

Here you can see that a combination of different lengths of straight vertical stitches, sometimes referred to as a satin stitch, has been used to create the green background leaves on this flower cart. The flowers in pink, lilac and white have been stitched using French Knots, which were created by wrapping the yarn twice around and encircling the needle and then by twisting and inserting the needle back to the starting point and inserting it close to where the thread first emerged. Chain Stitch has been used to create the outline of the wheel spokes.


Street Houses Embroidery

Here you can see that the brick work of the pink house has been stitched using horizontal stitches placed at regular intervals in order to create the appearance of brick work. The windows feature the regular Tent Stitch or half cross stitch, which is usually seen in tapestry work. The steps have been stitched using a combination of long straight Satin Stitch, horizontal straight stitches and a diagonal Stem Stitch to separate and outline the steps. The roof tiles have been created using a combination of small horizontal stitches with intermittent tiny vertical stitches to create texture and depth. The lilac house features a combination of diagonal stitch work in a variety of different lengths.